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AirKrete GREENsulation

Energy Home Solutions also has experience with an innovative and very environmentally-friendly insulation material by the company AirKrete which they call GREENsulation.
‚ÄčWhat is AirKrete GREENsulation?

AirKrete is a mix of air, water, and cement that is blown in wet with the consistency of shaving cream. It dries to an ultra-light cement that is long-lasting with high insulation value.

Is it expensive?

AirKrete is definitely a premium building product. If you can fit it in your budget, we highly recommend  it for environmental, health, and performance reasons. It is the only completely fireproof insulation material as well.

How does it perform compared to other options?

Because it a cementitious product, AirKrete does not shrink over time. This allows it to maintain its performance because air gaps are not introduced by shrinking. Most batt and blown-in fiber materials will shrink over time decreasing their insulating power.

It has similar R-value to fiber insulation. Like other spray foam products, its real world performance is superior because it fills gaps and cracks to prevent air flow.

What are the health benefits?

Due to being a cement-based product, AirKrete is very inert and produces no toxic fumes or allergens, is non-toxic and resists mold growth.

And because it is a spray foam product, it prevents air gaps and drafts which bring outside allergens into the home.

It also resists insect and rodents intrusions, which are both disease vectors.

What is environmentally-friendly about it?

AirKrete is an inorganic material that is foamed in place without the use of CFCs or HCFCs, and has extremely low VOC emissions. It also scrubs CO2 from the atmosphere as it cures.


airkrete foamed concrete insulation installation in new residential construction
New residential construction prepped for airkrete insulation
airkrete insulation being blow into wall cavity in new residential construction
New residential construction prepped for airkrete insulation

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